12 Most Effective Home Remedies for Mumps

Mumps is a contagious viral infection which causes swelling and pain in the salivary gland. It is quite common in children and youngsters. Usually a person has mumps only once in life, but there may be some who may be affected second time.

The patient’s throat and neck swells up, making it difficult for the patient to speak or eat.

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There are many effective natural home remedies for mumps which are safe and provide relief from pain without any harmful side effects.The following are some useful home remedies for mumps:

chebulicmyroblanChebulic Myroblan:
Chebulic Myroblan (Ink fruit) is a very effective home remedy for mumps. A thick paste made by mixing the herb powder on water should be applied over the swelling to get relief. The anti-inflammatory and anti- biotic properties in the herb help in relieving the pain.

aloeveraIndian Aloe:
This herb is also an effective home remedy for mumps. The antibiotic properties of the herb make it most effective medicine for any inflamed and painful part of the body. The leaves should be peeled from one side and the peeled side should then be sprinkled with a little turmeric and bandaged over the swelling.

peepalPeepal Leaves or sacred fig leaves:
Sacred fig or peepal leaves are an excellent home remedy for mumps. The leaves should be smeared with ghee or oil and warmed over fire, this can be applied over the inflamed part. This can be done twice daily and this should be left on the affected area for about half an hour for better results.

Ginger is an excellent home remedy for mumps. Ginger has anti –inflammatory and antiviral properties and it also helps in relieving the pain, making it a very useful home remedy for mumps. Paste should be made by drying and powdering the roots of ginger. Applying this paste over the affected parts will give instant relief from inflammation. Ginger can also be taken orally as a part of diet.

Seeds of asparagus are a very good home remedy for mumps. The seeds combined with equal quantity of fenugreek seeds, should be ground together to a paste and this should be applied over the swelling.

blackpepperBlack pepper:
Black pepper is also a very effective natural remedy for mumps. Black pepper should be powdered and mixed in water to make a paste. This paste must be applied over the affected parts and this will give best results in a shorter time.


Margosa Leaves: The leaves of margosa are very effective home remedy for mumps. The leaves mixed with turmeric should be made into a paste and this must be applied on the swollen or infected parts.


Banyan leaves: Banyan leaves are a useful home cure for mumps. They relieve the patient of the pain and help in getting rid of the infection soon. The leaves should be smeared with ghee and heat before applying. The leaves should be secured with bandage over the affected part and left for overnight, for better results.


Fenugreek seeds: Fenugreek seeds are an excellent home remedy for mumps as it contains anti viral and anti inflammatory properties. It also has other beneficial medicinal properties which make it a very useful home remedy for many viral infections including mumps.

Dry and powder the fenugreek seeds and make into a paste and apply it over the affected part for relief from pain. This powder can be mixed in water and be taken several times to get better results.

Hot fomentation: Hot fomentation can be applied over the affected parts and this can be done at least three times a day for best results. It can be followed by cold fomentation.

carrotHot water: A few glasses of water can be boiled and taken after cooling to relieve of pain and swelling. This is the simplest and one of the most effective home remedies for mumps.

pineappleCarrot juice and pineapple juice:
Carrot juice mixed with grape and pineapple juice is effective in treatment of mumps. A liberal intake of carrot and pineapple juice is very effective home remedy for mumps.

Garlic is very effective home remedy for mumps. Crush a few garlic cloves and apply it over the affected parts. This provides faster relief from pain.


Patient affected by mumps must have a very balanced diet. Diet should comprise of lots of fruits and vegetables. The patient should also drink lots of water.

In the initial phase of infection, the patient must take plenty of liquid or juice diet as it will be difficult for him to swallow solid food till the swelling comes down.

To start with the patient can take orange juice diluted with warm water for a few days. He can increase the intake of orange juice as it has essential minerals helpful in treating mumps.

When the patient is in a condition to swallow food, an all fruit diet can be taken for a day or two. This should be followed by a diet of natural food with emphasis on fruits and raw vegetables.

A warm water enema should be taken daily when on a juice diet. Acidic foods must be avoided.

Causes and symptoms of mumps


Mumps is mainly caused by the invasion of virus in the salivary glands. The parotid glands are usually the most affected, which is located on each side of the face, just below the front of the ear. Usually the disease last for about two weeks. Wrong diet can worsen the disease, so it is important to follow a very healthy diet to get rid of the disease.

Symptoms of mumps:

Patients affected by mumps can notice a number of symptoms like:

  • Swelling of salivary glands, neck and face
  • Headache, fatigue, loss of appetite
  • Low fever and vomiting
  • The swelling may be near the lower ear and jawbone

If the disease occurs during puberty, the testicles of males may be painful and swollen and in females it may affect the ovaries. If not treated properly, it may lead to infertility.