10 Best Home remedies and Natural Treatment for Neuritis

Neuritis is an inflammation of the nerves; it may be a single nerve or a series of nerves. Sometimes groups of nerves from different parts of the body may be involved, this condition is known as polyneuritis.

Depending upon the location of inflammation, Neuritis is called by different names such as ulnar neuritis (nerves behind the elbow), Brachial neuritis (nerves in the arms), Lumbosacral neuritis (nerves of the lower leg), Optical neuritis (inflammation of nerves in eyes), vestibular neuritis (respiratory tract infection), Occipital neuritis (Inflation in scalp, neck or back of the head) or Intercostal neuritis (inflammation of nerves between the ribs)


  • Neuritis is charecterized by a tingling and burning sensation in the affected part and there may also be shooting pain in that part.
  • In acute cases the part may become numb and there may be loss of sensation and paralysis in the surrounding muscles.


The main cause of neuritis is the presence of toxins in the blood and other body fluids. Neuritis is primarily caused by chronic acidosis, which is a condition of formation of excessive acids in the blood and other body fluids.

Neuritis also result from metabolic disturbances and nutritional deficiencies of Vitamin B like Vitamin B1,B2, B6, B12 and occasionally be deficiencies of vitamin C and Vitamin D . Neuritis is also caused by calcium and pantothenic acid deficiencies in the body.

Other causes could be penetrating injury or heavy pressure on the nerve, dislocation of bones, some infections, alcohol and diabetes.

Natural Remedies

Treatment of neuritis with antiseptics and painkilling drugs may give temporary relief but it does not remove the root cause of neuritis. The following may be very effective in treatment the root cause:

soy bean milk

Soy bean milk: Soy bean milk is very effective in treatment of neuritis. A cup of soy bean milk, mixed with a teaspoon of honey must be taken every night. To prepare soy bean milk, soak the soy beans for about twelve hours. Then remove the skin of the soy beans, and ground the beans to a paste. Boil this paste over slow fire and stir constantly. Once this mixture cools down, strain it and add sugar for taste. Soy bean is rich in glutamic acid, lecithin and vitamin B1, which helps in toning the nervous system.


Yoghurt helps in formation of certain bacteria in intestine, which are effective producers of Vitamin B1 and vitamin B12 – both of which are used in treatment of neuritis. A liberal intake of yoghurt is a recommended for treatment for neuritis.

barley brew

Barley brew:
Barley brew is effective natural treatment for neuritis. A quarter cup of pearled barley should be boiled in half a cup of water to make this brew. When the water reduces to about a quarter, it should be strained. This brew should be mixed with half a glass of buttermilk and half a lime juice for better results.

beet root

Beetroot:Beetroot is rich in Panthothenic acid and essential vitamin content both of which are beneficial in the natural treatment of neuritis. A decoction made by boiling beetroot in water and straining it is a very effective home remedy and natural treatment for neuritis. Alternatively Beetroot powder can be mixed and taken with water. Beetroot can be taken twice a day to effective cure neuritis.


Carrot and spinach juice:
Carrot and spinach juice are very effective in treatment of neuritis. Carrots and spinach are rich in elements, deficiency of which causes this condition. The patient will mostly be benefited if he drinks at least half a liter of the mix of raw carrots and spinach juice daily.

orange flowers

Orange flowers:
Orange flowers are also an effective natural treatment for neuritis. The water distilled from these flowers is a very refreshing and stimulating drink and must be taken daily by the patient. The best is distilled water from petals of bitter orange. Eating about ten grams of orange flowers, daily is also very effective in treating neuritis.


Pineapple: Pineapple is rich in certain essential fatty acids which are effective in the treatment of neuritis. A liberal use of pineapple or pineapple juice is a beneficial home remedy for neuritis.


Taking liberal amount of apple/apple juice every day helps rejuvenate the inflated nerves and is effective home treatment for neuritis.


Foods rich in Vitamin B:
Foods rich in vitamin B (especially Vitamin B12)are an excellent home remedy and natural treatment for neuritis. When taken daily they have been found to relieve the patient of extreme pain, weakness and numbness within an hour.

Food rich in Vitamin 12: This include clams, oysters, and mussels, liver, caviar (Fish Eggs), octopus. fish, crab and lobster, beef, lamb (mutton), cheese, eggs, yogurt, whole milk, low-fat buttermilk, chicken (lean) and fortified soymilk. These foods however should be eaten in moderate amounts and avoided by people at risk of heart disease or stroke.

Sprouted beans:
Sprouted beans are rich in vitamin B, Vitamin C, folate and minerals like potassium and iron. All these, make it an excellent treatment of neuritis. A salad prepared by mixing 1 cup of sprouted beans with optional contents like grated coconut, carrot, cabbage and beet root, onion, green chilly, coriander leaves, small amount of garlic, lemon Juice seasoned with black pepper powder and salt is an effective natural home treatment for neuritis.

Diet Recommendations

Neuritis can be alleviated by taking a well balanced diet with all vitaminsand necessary minerals. Food like whole wheat, brown rice, sprouted seeds, milk, yoghurt, home made cottage cheese. carrot, beetroot, citrus fruits ,apple ,pineapple juice should be included in the diet.

A person suffering from neuritis must avoid coffee, tea, white bread, sugar, meat fish and tinned foods.

Smoking and alcohol should be completely avoided.

Occasional hot baths with epsom salt is known to have a beneficial effect in neuritis. The affected parts must be kept under hot water mixed that has been mixed with epsom salt. Walking and moderate exercises are recommended.

Massage is also effective in treating neuritis.
Olive oil massage of the affected area with a vibrator or with hand is effective in increasing blood supply and rejuvenating the nerve ends.