Emergency Home Made Eardrops

Ear is a sensitive organ. Any wrong treatment can cause irreversible damages. Do not use any eardrop with consulting a doctor. Eardrops can aggravate conditions, if there is a physical injury to the ear.

Following ear drops should only be used in emergency. Also use it in moderate quantities. The quantity should be just enough to moisturize the inner lining of the ear.

Alkanet root: 125gm of black mustard oil should be boiled in a tin basin on slow fire. Add 12gms of alkanet root to this oil and allow it to burn. Filter this oil and fill it in a bottle after it cools down.  In emergency, use two or three drops of this oil in affected ear.

Cloves: Sauté one clove in a teaspoon of sesame oil. Put three to five drops of this oil in affected ear, till the time doctors can be con consulted.
Olive oil eardrop
Olive oil: Warm a spoon directly over stove flame. Add a little olive oil in it. Make sure that olive oil is not too hot before application. Place one-two drops of this oil on affected ear.