Alternative Natural Cure for Hysteria

A holistic treatment of hysteria must first address the root cause. Alternative natural cure of hysteria should include a three pronged attack:Hysteria home remedy

a) Psychological and Cognitive therapy

b) Changes in Lifestyle

c) Natural Cures for Hysteria

Hysteria is not a disease, but a symptom of some underlying disease most commonly related to nervous disorder.

As with any disease, any permanent remedy of Hysteria must begin with identifying the cause of hysteria. Address the cause and hysteria is cured.

Medications and sedatives may provide temporary relief. However they do not address the root cause of hysteria. They also carry many side effects like addictiveness and high level of drug dependence.


Therapies aimed at addressing psychological and cognitive factors which result in anger, anxiety, bitterness, mental tension, nervous tension and resentment are the first recourse for curing hysteria.

Hysteria home remedyStress busting hobbies are very effective in getting rid of hysteria. Meditation, Yoga and other similar indulgence should be incorporated in the lifestyle. Meditation and breathing exercises help in controlling the mind and help in developing a calm nature.

Relaxation exercises like deep breathing exercise, spa, massage, light inspirational reading, and listening to soothing music help in treatment of Hysteria. Exercise and outdoor games   keep the mind away from self and induce cheerfulness.

The patient must be taught right habits of thinking and self control. The patient should be taught to think positively. The patient must take enough rest and have regular hours of sleep.

Proper sex education should be given.


Small lifestyle changes are effective in treatment of hysteria. The following lifestyle changes must be ensured:

1) Idleness is one of the primary causes of Hysteria. Indulge in creative pursuits to keep the mind engaged. This is one of the most primary steps to cure hysteria.

2)  Review your food eating habits. Take light meals at regular intervals. Avoid remaining awake and eating late at night. Avoid oily food.

3) Do not overwork. Lay proper emphasis on taking adequate rest.

4) Exercise regularly. Moderate exercise improves blood circulation and soothes the nervous system. Exercise like jogging, walking, running, swimming, playing tennis or any other that gets the blood pumping is effective in treatment of Hysteria.


The following are some effective natural products beneficial in treatment of hysteria:
Hysteria home remedy
Lettuce: Lettuce is beneficial in treatment of hysteria. One cup of fresh juice of lettuce, mixed with a teaspoon of Indian gooseberry juice, should be taken daily morning for about one month.
Hysteria home remedy
Jambul: Three kilograms of jambul and a handful of salt should be put in jar filled with water. Keep the jar in the sun for about one week.  The patient should take about 30 grams of these fruits on empty stomach and drink one cup of water from the jar. This should be continued for about two weeks.

Asafoetida: Smelling asafoetida‘s gum prevents hysterical attacks. Orally a dosage of 0.5 to 1.0 gram can be taken for this purpose. Mix about 2 grams of asafoetida in 120ml of water, this enema is very useful for hysteria, when the patient refuses to take it orally.
Hysteria home remedy
Honey: Honey has properties which calms down the nerves of the body and relaxes the mind. It is considered to be a very effective in treatment of hysteria. Honey addresses two vital causes of hysteria:  A) irregular menstrual cycle and B) insanity. Honey is very useful in treating both the conditions.

Take one tablespoon of honey daily for treating hysteria.

Bottle gourd: Macerated fresh pulp of bottle gourd should be applied over the head of the patient to treat hysteria.

Rauwolfia: One gram of powdered root should be given with one cup of milk in the morning and in the evening. This treatment should be continued till the patient is completely cured.

Diet for Treating Hysteria

The patient should preferably start on diet of only fruits for several days, taking fruits like oranges, apples, grapes, papaya and pineapples, as three meals a day. This is very effective in cleansing the body of toxic free radicals. Fasting is very beneficial home based cure for hysteria.

Milk is also beneficial in natural treatment of Hysteria. Milk nourishes nerves and helps improve blood constituents and circulation.

After an initial fasting, patient should follow a well balanced diet comprising of nuts, seeds, whole grains and fruits and vegetables.

The patient must avoid tea, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, white flour, white sugar and food made of them.