Best Natural Cure for Appendicitis

A collection of 10 best natural remedies for Appendicitis

 Vegetable juices

Some vegetable juices are very effective for appendicitis.   A combination of beet and cucumber juices, mixed with carrot juice should be taken twice daily. For 500 ml the combination, should contain 300ml of carrot juice and 100 ml each of beetroot and cucumber juices.

 Green gram

An infusion made of green gram is a good natural cure for this condition. One tablespoon of this should be taken thrice daily.

 Fenugreek seeds

A tea made of fenugreek seeds prevents the appendix from becoming a dumping ground for excess mucus and intestinal waste.   To make this tea, take one tablespoon of the seeds and add it to one litre of cold water.  Allow this to simmer for half an hour over a low flame and then strain it.  Allow it to cool down a little before drinking it.

Whole wheat

Whole wheat includes bran and wheat germ is very useful in preventing digestive disorders, including appendicitis.  The bran of the wheat can be sterilised by baking after thorough cleaning. This sterilised bran should be added to wheat flour in the proportion of one to six by weight. Two or three chapattis made of this flour can be taken daily to prevent this disease.


One litre of buttermilk should be taken daily to get relief from appendicitis.

Almond oil

Rub the area of pain with hot water , with a clean towel several times a day to get relief from cramps  and inflammation. After that, massage with almond oil

Basil leaves

If the patient suffers from fever in appendicitis, the decoction made of basil leaves is very effective.  Steep the leaves in boiling water and leave it on for about 5-7 minutes. Strain this liquid and drink it once a day for better results.


Ginger juice or raw slices can be taken for better results in treating appendicitis.  The slices of ginger can be stored in a bottle of rock salt for some time. This helps in getting relief from vomiting in appendicitis.


Dandelion has antioxidant properties,   which helps in treating appendicitis.


2-3 drops of mint juice should be mixed with one glass of hot water. Drink this at least once daily to get relief from appendicitis.


When the first symptom of severe pain, vomiting and fever occurs, the patient should resort to fasting. Only water should enter the system.  Fruit juices can be given from the third day onwards for the next three days. Followed by the patient may adopt an all fruit diet for four or five days. After this a tightly regulated regimen should be adopted by the patient. The diet should be well balanced, which consists of nuts, seeds, grains, vegetables and fruits.

The patient should avoid junk foods that are high in fat and salt or sodium content. Meat or animal foods also should be avoided.


At the first symptoms of pain, vomiting and fever, the patient must take maximum bed rest. He/she should get up only to go to bathroom and eat.  A low enema, containing about half a litre of warm water, should be given once daily for the first three days . This helps in cleansing the lower bowels.

Hot compress can be placed over the painful area several times daily. Abdominal packs, made of a strip of wet sheet and covered by a dry flannel cloth bound tightly around the abdomen, should be applied continuously until the acute symptoms subside.

After the acute symptoms subside  by the third day , the  patient should be given  a full enema , which contains about three litres of warm water. This should be repeated daily until all inflammation and pain have subsided.

The patient should make sure to   eradicate constipation. Once   the waste matter in caecum has moved into the colon and is then eliminated, the irritation and inflammation in the appendix will subside .  Due to this surgical removal of the appendix  may not be necessary.