8 Best Natural Cures for Palpitations

Irregular or forcible beating of heart, which makes the person feel the action or the beating of his heart obviously, is called palpitation. Palpitation has become a very common problem nowadays because of the hectic and stressful lifestyle of people. Palpitation is not necessarily serious always or related to heart problem.

Natural cures for palpitations are very effective and it involve use of day to food, herbs, diet and exercises to arrest causes and
symptoms of palpitations.


  • The main symptom of palpitation is ‘thumping’ feeling in chest.
  • Restlessness or discomfort may be felt by the patient which may result in faster pulse rate than normal


Factors contributing or resulting in palpitation may not necessarily be related to the heart. Any excess work load on the heart may result in palpitation.

Some may experience palpitation when lying on the left side, since the heart is nearer to the chest wall. Palpitation usually occurs due to anxiety, over eating, flatulence or constipation. Excessive smoking may also lead to palpitations.


There are many ways to treat palpitations ,but natural cures are found to be easier and effective treatment of this condition because it is simple ,healthy and has no harmful side effects. The following are some of the natural cures for palpitations:

Grapes are one of the most effective natural cure for palpitations. The patient should take grape juice at regular intervals as this will relieve the condition and soothe the heart rate. At least one glass of grape juice in a day is also a good medicine for palpitationguava aas s natural cure for palpitations

Guava: Guava is also considered very useful natural cure for palpitations. One ripe guava daily on empty stomach is very effective for this condition. It is also beneficial if palpitation is a result of anemia and nervousness.

snakegourd leaves

Snake gourd leaves:  The juice of snake gourd leaves is also considered to be an excellent home cure for palpitation. Two or three teaspoons of the juice should be taken three times daily.

Honey:Honey is an excellent food for the heart as it is easily digested. One glass of water mixed with a tablespoon of honey and juice of half a lime, taken before bedtime is a very useful home cure for palpitation.

Indian Spikenard: Indian spikenard stimulates the heart. Two or three grams of Indian spikenard with a pinch of camphor and cinnamon, taken three times a day is a good home cure for palpitation.aniseed

Aniseed and Dry Coriander:  Mixture of powdered aniseed, dry coriander and jaggery in equal proportion is a very good home cure for palpitation. 6 grams of this mixed powder must be taken after each meal.Chammolie tea

Chamomile Tea:   Two chamomile tea bags dipped in two cups of boiled water and steamed and shredded leaves of cabbage added with the tea is an excellent home cure for palpitation.

Black haw root bark:   Black haw root bark is also a good home cure for palpitation. It helps in calming the heart.aswagandha

Twenty five drops of the tincture of black haw root bark mixed in water must be consumed.

Ashwaghandha:  Ashwagandha also known as “winter cherry” is a very good natural cure for palpitation as it relieves stress in the body and helps to maintain body ‘s physical well being.


Diet should be rich in natural foods, especially fresh fruits, raw or lightly cooked vegetables. Patient should avoid white rice, white flour products, sugar, tea ,coffee, chocolate alcohol as much as possible.

Consumption of milk, handful of dry fruits and fruits during breakfast is most beneficial. Likewise, steamed vegetables, whole-wheat chapatti and a glass of buttermilk for lunch will be very good. Fresh green vegetable, salad, sprouts of alfalfa seeds and cottage cheese or a glass of buttermilk for dinner would be the ideal diet in a day.

Meditation and relaxation is very good for the patient. Exercising, walking or cycling are also some of the activities which can be helpful in curing or reducing palpitations.