15 Best Natural Cure for Headache

Headache is a very common ailment. Everyone at one point or another in life suffers from headache. headache

Headache is not a disease but a functional warning from the nature that there is something wrong in the body.

Headaches can have many causes, including allergy, eye strain, emotional stress , high blood pressure, a hangover, low blood sugar, nutritional deficiency , infection, , poisons or toxins in the body and tension.

Allergies are usually unexpected cause of headache. Some foods which may cause allergy to some people are milk and milk products, liver, alcohol, chicken, chocolates and strong cheese.  Allergies may also include symptoms like diarrhoea and sneezing.

Natural Cure for Headache

The following are some effective natural remedies for treating headaches:

Rosemary: Rosemary is very effective for treating headache caused by cold. Take a handful of this herb and boil in a litre of water and store in a mug. Cover your head with a towel and inhale the steam for as long as possible. Repeat this process till the patient is relieved of the headache.

Beetle leaves: Betel leaf has analgesic and cooling properties. It should be applied over the affected part to relieve of intense headache.

Clove: A paste made of clove and salt crystals in milk is very useful natural cure for headache. Salt has hygroscopic agents which absorbs fluid and decreases tension.

Ginger: Ginger is an excellent pain killer. Make ginger ointment by rubbing dry ginger with a little water on a grinding stone. Apply this over the forehead for relief from headache.

Henna: Henna flower cures headaches caused by heat of the sun. Make a plaster of henna flowers, add vinegar and apply this over the forehead.

Lemon: Squeeze juice from three or four slices lemons into a cup of tea and drink this to get relief from headache. Lemon crusts are useful in headache caused by heat. Pound the lemon crusts in a mortar and make a fine paste. Apply paste on  forehead  for relief from headache.  Applying yellow freshly pared off rind of a lemon on each side of the temple will also provide immediate relief.

Apple cider vinegar and honey: Boil a cup of water and add apple cider vinegar and some honey and when steam comes of this, inhale this steam. It is very helpful in relieving a person of headache.

Cinnamon: Headache caused due to exposure to cold air , can be treated by cinnamon.  Make a fine paste of cinnamon by mixing a little water and apply this paste over the temples and forehead to get relief.

Apple: Remove the upper rind and the inner hard portion of a ripe apple and eat the apple with a little salt every morning on empty stomach to get relief from headaches. Continue this for about one week.

Marjoram: Marjoram is very helpful in treating nervous headaches. An infusion made of the leaves of marjoram should be taken as a tea for treatment of this condition.

Peppermint: Drinking a few cups of peppermint tea is also very useful in treating headaches. Peppermint oil is very effective in relieving headaches due to tension. Dilute 3 to 4 drops of peppermint oil into one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and apply a small amount to the temples when the headache comes on.  Add three drops of peppermint oil in warm bathing water and soak the patient in the water for about 15 minutes for relief from headache.

Water: One or two large glasses of water also can relieve the person of headache because some headaches may be caused due to dehydration also. So a glass of cold water is the easiest and also effective natural cure for headaches.

Lavender oil: Mix the oil with water and dip a clean piece of cloth into this mixture.  Place the cloth on the region of pain to treat headaches.

Eucalyptus: Take a few drops of eucalyptus and add it to boiling water.  Remove from fire when steam starts to come. Cover the head with a towel and inhale this for as long as possible. This is a very good natural cure for headaches due to sinus.

Banana: Eat a banana whenever there is a headache.

Grape juice: Drink grape juice regularly to treat headaches.

Almonds: Add a few almonds to a glass of milk and drink this to treat headaches

Lifestyle changes:

Headache can be countered by increasing resistance power of the body through positive thinking, proper nutrition and exercise.

To start with the patient should take a short fast of citrus fruits diluted with little water every two hours from 8 am to 8 pm, daily.

Breakfast should consist of both dried and fresh fruits.  Lunch should contain protein rich foods.

Starchy foods like , whole wheat bread, potatoes, rice etc should be taken during the dinner.

Spices, sour buttermilk and oily foods must be avoided.

Drinking one glass of warm water during winter and cold water during summer, mixed with a little honey in the morning on empty stomach.

Hot fomentations over abdominal region relieves headache caused by stomach and liver upsets. This should be done before going to bed.

Yoga is very useful for treating headache. Asanas like sarvangasana , paschimottanasana , shavasana and halasana are very beneficial for treating headaches.

Pranayamas like anulomaviloma, shitali abd sitkari are also very useful.