22 Natural Cure for High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

High Blood Pressure

Food based Natural Cure for High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Hypertension can not be cured. It can however be kept under control by taking proper nutrition and following a stress free and healthy lifestyle. The following are some foods that tend to lower high blood pressure:

Alfalfa: Alfalfa softens hardened arteries and is very effective home remedy for curing high blood pressure.

Garlic: Garlic has amazing medicinal attributes beneficial in treatment and prevention of hypertension. Garlic is rich in potassium. It reduces spasms of small arteries, slows down pulse rate and regularizes heart rhythm. It also relieves the patient of dizziness, numbness, shortness of breath and gas formation in the digestive tract.  The patient can take garlic cloves in its raw form or can eat two to three capsules a day.

Bloodwort: Bloodwort contains alkaloids that encourage blood flow to skin and are effective in lowering blood pressure in people with hypertension.

Parsley: Parsley helps maintain blood vessels in a healthy condition and is effective in treatment of hypertension. Simmer parsley in boiling water for several minutes and drink this as a beverage several times daily.

Rauwolfia: Rauwolfia is an excellent home remedy for high blood pressure.  Powder the root and take half a teaspoon of this powder thrice a day for relief from hypertension.

Lemon: Juice of lemon and its peel are rich in vitamin C, which prevents capillary fragility. One teaspoon of lemon juice mixed with honey should be given to normalize blood pressure for people with hypertension.

Fenugreek seeds: One teaspoon of fenugreek seeds taken with water , twice daily is very beneficial for high blood pressure. This should be continued for 10 to 15 days for better results.

Jaundice berry: Jaundice berry causes arteries to dilate. This decreases blood pressure levels  by facilitating  the blood flow.

Indian gooseberry or Amla: One tablespoon of fresh Indian gooseberry juice and equal amount of honey mixed together should be taken every morning to treat high blood pressure.

Rice: Rice is a low fat, low salt, and low cholesterol food. High blood pressure patients who are advised of low salt diets can take rice as staple food.

Watermelon seeds: Take equal amounts of watermelon seeds and khas khas. Grind them to make a powdery mixture. Taking one teaspoon of this mixture on empty stomach helps in controlling blood pressure.

Fennel seeds, cumin seeds and sugar: Take equal quantities of fennel seeds, cumin seeds and sugar and powder them.  Add one teaspoon of this powder to one glass of water and drink twice a day to lower blood pressure.

Basil and Margosa leaves: Steep about four basil leaves with two margosa leaves in a cup of water. Drink the preparation on empty stomach in the morning for about a week for quick relief from high blood pressure.

Papaya: Papaya is rich in potassium which helps reduce high blood pressure. Eat fresh papaya on empty stomach for about one month. This lowers blood pressure and is an effective remedy for hypertension.

Curry leaves: Make a juice of using 25 to 30 curry leaves in a cup of water. Strain and drink this in the morning. Lime juice can be added to this mixture.

Onion and honey: Onion is a rich source of potassium which is known to reduce hypertension. Onion juice reduces cholesterol and relaxes nervous system and is effective food based remedy for hypertension. Mix equal quantities of onion juice and pure honey.  Take two teaspoons of this mix once a day.

Beetroot juice: Beetroot has mild diuretic attributes and is known to soothe the nerves. Drink one glass of beetroot juice twice a day for about one week for better results.

Potato: Boiled potatoes are effective in lowering blood pressure levels. Potato is high in potassium and magnesium and low on salt .These attributes help in lowering blood pressure and is effective in treatment of hypertension

Linden: Linden is a mild diuretic and it calms down the nervous system. Thus it is helpful in reducing hypertension particularly related to emotional stress. Pour one cup of hot water over two teaspoons of dried linden flowers. Cover and leave it for about 15 minutes. Strain and drink it about thrice daily.

Yarrow: Yarrow is also mild diuretic and helps lowering the blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels.  To make a tea, pour about one cup of hot water over two teaspoons of the dried herb, cover and leave it for about 15 minutes. Strain and drink three cups daily.

vegetable juice
Vegetable juices: Raw vegetable juices, especially carrots and spinach juices, taken in combination or separately are useful in treating high blood pressure. Mix about 300 ml of carrot juice and 200 ml of spinach juice to make about half a litre of juice.

Dandelion: Dandelion leaves are rich in potassium and are very safe for high blood pressure with no harmful side effects.  Pour about one cup of boiled water over two teaspoons of dried leaves, cover and leave for about 15 minutes. Strain and drink dandelion tea daily for relief from hypertension.

General Dietary recommendations for Hypertension

High blood pressure patients should always follow a well balanced diet, with proper exercise and rest. A vegetarian diet is most recommended for high blood pressure patients.

Dietary calcium and potassium: Researches have found that persons taking foods rich in potassium and calcium have low incidence of hypertension even if they don’t restrict their salt intake. Potassium is found in abundance in apricots, avocado, bananas, bell pepper, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, crimini mushrooms, cucumber, eggplant, halibut, oranges, parsley, potatoes, spinach, squash, strawberries, tomatoes, and turmeric. Calcium is found in dairy products.

Hypertension: Foods to Avoid

Say No to Sodium: Limit the intake of sodium to 1500 mg per day. Food to be avoided:

  • Meat, Fish and egg are rich in sodium which causes blood pressure to rise. Avoid them.
  • Salt should be avoided. Daily intake should not exceed three grams or half a teaspoon a day.
  • Avoid anchovies, cockles, olives, cheese and pastries
  • Synthetic Protein intake should be reduced as it results in blood clotting.
  • Avoid all processed food as they contain added salt as preservatives which are harmful in high blood pressure.
  • Avoid intake of food high in cholesterol

Hypertension: Other recommendations

Lifestyle changes are the cornerstone of preventing and allaying symptoms of high blood pressure. The following are recommended:

  • Take proper rest and at least eight hours of good sleep.
  • Avoid, worries, anger, over strain, tension and haste.  Develop calm, cheerful and a contented attitude.
  • Indulge in moderate physical exercising to lower blood pressure. Sedentary lifestyle is often associated with hypertension. Walking bare foot on grass for about 20 minutes in the morning helps in reducing high blood pressure.
  • Overcome obesity to get relief from hypertension. As a thumb rule, you can expect a reduction of blood pressure by 10mmHg for every 10 kilogram loss in weight.
  • Strive for the ideal body mass index of 23-24.
  • Steer clear from smoking, alcohol, tea, coffee and other condiments.
  • Meditation and yoga asanas are also helpful in reducing high blood pressure.

Hypertension: When to consult a doctor?
High Blood Pressure
Always consult a doctor if:

  • Hypertension occurs during pregnancy as it may result in serious complications for the fetus, child and mother after birth.
  • Hypertension is accompanied by giddiness or dizziness
  • Hypertension is accompanied by palpitations and pain in the chest
  • Difficulty in breathing is noticed

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