Best Top 16 Natural Cure for Peptic Ulcer

Peptic ulcer: An eroded lesion or cut in the inner walls of the stomach and intestinal tract is called peptic ulcer. The ulcer in the stomach is called gastric ulcer and ulcer of the intestinal tract is known as duodenal ulcer as it occurs in duodenum. Both grouped together is called peptic ulcer.


Excess acidity or hyper acidity leads to peptic ulcer. Hyper-acidity is caused by an increase in the hydrochloric acid in the stomach. The acid secreted by the cells on the lining of the stomach erodes the inner lining.

Consumption of highly spiced foods, over eating, coffee, alcohol and smoking are the main factors contributing to the condition.


  • Severe pain in the upper part of the abdomen
  • Uneasiness or tendency to vomit, loss of appetite, insomnia
  • In gastric ulcer the pain occurs an hour or so after meals and rarely at night. In duodenal ulcer the pain usually occurs when stomach is empty between meals. When some food or milk is taken usually it relieves the pain.
  • As the disease worsens it leads to insomnia, mental tension and gradual weakness of the body

Home Remedies

The following are some easy and effective natural cures for peptic ulcer:

Banana: Banana is the most effective natural home cure for peptic ulcer. Banana fruit neutralizes the excess acidity in the gastric juices and reduces the irritation by coating or forming a layer over the inner walls of the stomach. The diet of a chronic patient of peptic ulcer should consist of only two bananas with a glass of milk two or three times a day.

castor oil

Castor Oil
: Castor Oil is also a very good medicine for peptic ulcer. 2-3 drops of castor oil should be mixed in one glass of warm milk.

wood apple

Wood Apple: The leaves of wood apple are an excellent home cure for peptic ulcer. Fifteen grams of leaves of wood apple soaked overnight in 250ml of water strained and should be taken as a drink in the morning. When taken for a few weeks the pain and discomfort due to the ulcer is relieved.

Indian gooseberry

Indian Gooseberry: 25ml of Indian gooseberry juice taken early in the morning is a very good peptic ulcer.


Aloe Vera
: Aloe Vera juice helps in relieving the pain and also helps in speedy recovery making it an excellent natural cure for peptic ulcer.


Marshmallow and Slippery elm
: Marshmallow and slippery elm can soothe irritated wall of the stomach and is an effective natural cure for peptic ulcer.

Oak bark and yarrow: It can be used to apply externally over the swelling caused by the ulcer and it also normalizes the bleeding if any due to ulcer.


Chamomile: Chamomile is an excellent natural cure for peptic ulcer as it relaxes the stomach inner walls . Tea made of chamomile is very good for the patients.


Lime: Lime is a very effective natural cure for peptic ulcer. The juice of lime has citric acid and mineral salts which helps in better digestion.


Cabbage: Cabbage is the most useful natural cure for peptic ulcer. 250ml of cabbage boiled in 500ml of water till it reduces to half .This decoction should be taken twice daily. Juice of raw cabbage is very effective medicine for peptic ulcer. This juice can also be consumed along with carrot juice.


Fenugreek Seeds: A tea made of fenugreek seeds is also very useful natural cure for peptic ulcer. It helps in healing the ulcers by forming a protective shell in stomach and intestine to prevent ulcers.


Drumstick: The leaves of drumstick have also found to be an effective natural remedy for peptic ulcers. Ten grams of leaves must be ground to a paste and mixed with half a cup of yoghurt , this should be taken daily.


Goat’s milk: Goat’s milk is very useful natural cure for peptic ulcer. Goat’s milk taken in raw form, three times daily yields best results.

Almond milk: Blanched almonds blended with a glass of milk is an excellent natural cure for peptic ulcer, as it binds excess acid in the stomach and provides high protein content.


Ash gourd
: Ash gourd also known as white gourd is a vegetable like pumpkin. Ash gourd is a very good natural cure for peptic ulcer. The juice made from squeezing the grated gourd and adding equal amount of water should be taken daily on empty stomach in the morning and no food should be eaten for 2 to 3hours after it.

Recommended Diet

The patient suffering from peptic ulcer should have a diet which is nutritive, at the same time; it should give rest to the affected organs. The diet should neutralize the gastric acids and prevent the production of acid and also reduce any irritation in the stomach and intestines.

A diet rich in milk, butter, fruits, fresh vegetables, raw and boiled vegetables and natural vitamin supplements are beneficial natural cures for peptic ulcer.

Exercise like deep breathing help in curing peptic ulcers. The patient must as far as possible avoid stress and be happy. Yoga is very helpful in curing peptic ulcer.

Yoga asanas like vajrasan, paschimottanasan, bhujangasan, pavanamukthasan etc are some of the asanas which will be bring relief and help in naturally curing peptic ulcer.