Natural Cure for Enlargement of the Prostate Gland

Natural Cures & Home remedies for treatment of Prostate Gland disorders

  • Cranberry juice is very helpful if a urinary tract infection exists. Also one should drink as much water as possible to flush the bladder properly and prevent bacteria from accumulating in the bladder.
  • Fomentation of the pelvic is beneficial and gives relief. The bladder can also be fomented with a thick cloth dipped in cow’s urine.

Herbal remedies for Enlarged Prostate

Different Herbs are prescribed for different kinds of doshas that result in Enlargement of the Prostate Gland

  1. Enlarged Prostate due to vitiation of kapha – The herbs of choice for this condition are Shilajeet and Guggulu. Also spices like turmeric, ginger and cinnamon are very beneficial.
  2. Enlarged Prostate due to vitiation of vataFor this condition, herbs like punarnava, salam mishri, gokshura, shilajeet and guggulu are given.
  3. Enlarged Prostate due to vitiation of pittaFor the condition due to pitta vitiation, herbs which are cooling in nature are prescribed. This helps in cooling the agni. Herbs for this condition are ushir, punarnava and marsh mallow.


Food and dietary regimen in enlargement of Prostate Gland

  • A proper diet is very important in this condition. The diet should not contain foods which aggravate vata. Foods which are dry, cold and bitter, astringent and pungent in taste are vata aggravating foods.
  • Spicy and bitter foods should be completely avoided and more liquid food should be taken. Wheat, rice, tomatoes, milk and curd are recommended.
  • Fresh, citrus fruits and vegetables which are in high in fiber content should be included in the diet.
  • Alcohol, tobacco and coffee should be kept away. Also foods which cause constipation are to be avoided. A mild purgative may be given to get relief from constipation.
  • Walking is also considered to be beneficial.