Natural Cure and Home Remedies for Influenza


Home cure for Influenza


Influenza lasts for 4-5 days and gets cured on its own as the body develops the required immunity. There is no need for specific treatment of Influenza. Basic measures like bed rest and staying warm are sufficient for treating influenza. However, anti viral medications are often resorted to alleviate symptoms, reduce duration of infection and to prevent further replication of influenza virus. Consequently, they greatly reduce the risk of serious complications.

Besides, these measures there are some home remedies and natural cures that are effective in treatment of Influenza.  Some of the best Natural Cures for Influenza include :
Onion cure for Influenza

Onion:  Mix equal quantity of onion juice and honey and take about three or four teaspoons of this mixture daily for treating this condition. This is an effective home cure for flu.

Basil cure for Influenza
Basil leaves: Basil leaves are very effective for treating influenza and this will also give immediate relief when taken. Boil about one gram of basil leaves along with ginger in about half a liter of water. Once the water is reduced by half the decoction is made. Drink this as a tea for immediate relief.

Long pepper treats Influenza
Long pepper: Half a teaspoon of long pepper powder should be mixed with two teaspoons of honey and half a teaspoon of ginger juice. This mixture may be taken internally up to thrice a day to alleviate symptoms and arrest possible complications of Influenza.

Turmeric remedy for Influenza
Turmeric: Turmeric is beneficial for proper functioning of liver which helps in better absorption of minerals and essential nutrients in the body. One teaspoon of turmeric powder mixed in a cup of warm milk and should be taken thrice a day for better results.

Garlic  cures Influenza
Garlic: Garlic taken in the diet is very beneficial for the patient as garlic will reduce the growth of virus in the body.

 Influenza cure with carrot
Carrot: Carrot is a rich source of beta carotene, which helps strengthen nasal mucosa. This  protects the respiratory organs from spreading of viral infections and prevents the occurrence of pneumonia and other complications of Influenza.

Ginger treats Influenza
Ginger: One teaspoon of ginger juice, mixed with a cup of fenugreek decoction and honey to taste, is an excellent diaphoretic mixture which reduces fever and increases sweat. Boil one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in about half a liter of water, till the water is reduced to one third, then fenugreek decoction is prepared.

Cinnamon for curing Influenza

Cinnamon: Mix one quarter of teaspoon of cinnamon powder with one teaspoon of lukewarm honey to eradicate viral attacks. Take this mixture for three to four days.


Grapefruit Influenza  cure

Grapefruit: The juice of grapefruit is very useful in toning up the body and the digestive tract.

Finger millet: Fumigation of the burnt flour of finger millet is effective in flu. Inhaling this will increase the blood circulation in the nasal mucosa, reduces congestion and opens stuffed nose.

Herbal treatment for Influenza

Bayberry: Take one teaspoon of bayberry bark powder, one teaspoon of grated ginger root, half a teaspoon of cayenne powder. Add all these to a cup of boiling water and simmer for about 20 minutes to make a tea. Filter and drink this daily for relief from flu.

Cat’s claw: Cat’s claw tea made of the bark of the tree is very effective in curing flu.

Liquorice: Brew tea with liquorice roots along with cinnamon, sweet orange peel, wild cherry bark, etc.  And   drink six cups of this tea to get rid of sore throat.

Juniper: Inhale the steam from juniper after it is added to hot water relieves the person of congestion of the chest and any breathing problems. Juniper oil is also very for curing flu. Add a few drops of juniper oil to a bowl of hot water, bring the face over the bowl and cover the head with a cloth and inhale the steam.

Sage: Infusion made with sage, apple cider vinegar and honey is very effective for throat infections. Sage tea also is very effective if the patient has fever.

Yarrow: Add yarrow and chamomile to hot water and take bath in it , this relieves the person of fever and induces sweat. Tea made with yarrow leaves  and elderberry  and peppermint is also very effective home cure feverish flu.

Marjoram: Tea made from extract of marjoram stimulates sweat glands and promotes copious perspiration. This helps in normalizing body temperature and is helpful in treatment of Influenza.

Zizyphus: A teaspoon of the fresh juice of Zizyphus can be mixed with a pinch of pepper. This can be taken up to twice daily for preventing influenza.

Influenza: Diet Recommendations

Influenza is primarily caused due to debilitated  immune system. This can be traced to  deficiency of  essential vitamins and minerals like magnesium, zinc, selenium, iron, copper and other micro nutrients in the body.Food that contains these vitamins and minerals must be taken in liberal quantities.

Citric fruits are rich sources of Vitamin C and are natural antioxidants that destroy free radicals and pathogens that cause influenza. A person suffering from Influenza should intake Vitamin C rich food like tomatoes, broccoli, grapefruit, brussels sprouts strawberries, peppers and kiwi in liberal quantities.

Increase the intake of fluids more than solids as it is light on the digestive system and helps improve body immunity by flushing out free toxic radicals from the body.

Vitamin B6 foods like spinach, cereals will help build healthy immunity and antioxidants in cabbage and broccoli reduces the chances of getting infected by flu.

Influenza: Foods to Avoid

Avoid alcohol, coffee and smoking.

Avoid fried, tinned, canned and junk foods.

Other recommendations

Warm water enema should be taken daily for the first three or four days of the disease.

Apply cold body packs to reduce fever, several times a day. Wring out a piece of linen cloth in cold water, wrap it around the body and legs and cover the patient completely with blanket. Keep the pack for about one hour and sponge the body with tepid water after removing the pack. The patient should rest in bed till he/ she feels better.

When to consult a doctor?
Influenza consult doctor

Its better to consult a physician or doctor, if the following symptoms if Influenza are witnessed:

  • Fever, temperature crosses 102 degrees F.
  • If there is uneasiness in breathing
  • If the color of mucus is green or yellow for more than a week
  • If the patient witnesses ear ache along with discharge of serum from the ear