13 Best Natural Food Remedies for Gastritis

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13 Best Natural Remedies for Gastritis

Following are some effective and safe natural remedies for treating gastritis:

Ginger for Gastritis

Ginger: A small piece of ginger can be chewed some time before having meals. This stimulates digestion and also treats gastritis infection. About 120gm of ginger root taken four times every day for about eight weeks is helpful in eliminating bacteria and reducing recurrence of gastritis.

Tamarind: Tamarind water   mixed with some asafoetida and cumin water should be taken as a drink is an effective natural remedy for gastritis.

Coconut water: Coconut water has a lot of minerals and compounds which are soothing for digestive system. It is very beneficial in removing toxic radicals from the body. It also helps maintain normal body temperature which assists in normalizing body digestive functions. Coconut water can be given to patient as frequently as possible in a day, for relief from gastritis.

Ajwain or carom seeds: Carom seed is a natural antacid. It reduces acidic reactions on the mucous membrane and relaxes stomach. Take a teaspoon of carom seeds with a little bit of salt for effective treatment of gastritis.

Fennel: Fennel helps in relaxing muscle lining in digestive tract.  It expels gas and promotes secretion of bile, which helps in digestion of fats.  Chew a handful of fennel seeds or make an infusion of it. Drink for relief from gastritis.

Yoghurt: Yoghurt is especially beneficial in treating gastritis caused by bacterial infection. It also forms a protective layer on the stomach and intestinal lining.  Take a bowl of yoghurt daily for effectively treating gastritis.  It is an excellent way to get rid of gastritis problems.

Liquorice: Liquorice has natural antioxidant properties which are helpful in treatment of gastritis.Add some liquorice root tea to a cup of hot water. Strain it after it has cooled. Drink up to thrice a day to naturally treat gastritis.


Rice: Rice gruel is helpful in forming gastric juice.  People suffering from gastritis can take two bowls of rice daily for treating gastritis.  In severe cases, take larger quantity of rice.


Potato: Take raw potato and extract juice from it. Drink half a cup of potato juice thrice daily fifteen minutes before meals. This is one of most effective natural remedies for gastritis.
Marigold: Marigold is an effective natural remedy for gastritis. Take one or two tablespoon of marigold extract 2-3 times a day.  This will provide fast relief to patient. An infusion of herb, in doses of one tablespoon can be taken twice daily for better results.
Ginger for Gastritis
Vegetable juice: Mix two hundred millimetre of spinach juice with about 100 ml of carrot juice and drink this for best results.

Sprague powder: Mix six parts of sprague powder with one part of black salt.  Mix two grams of this powder in a cup of warm water and drink this once every morning for relief from gastritis.
Water: Drink lots of water at least 7-8 glasses a day. Water gets rid of body free radicals and harmful body toxins. This relaxes stomach and keeps body temperature cool and normal.

Lemon: Drink fruit juice to prevent and alleviate gastritis. Drink lemon juice with a pinch of salt to naturally cure gastritis.

Dietary recommendations for Gastritis

  • Fasting on liquid diet is very effective in treatment of gastritis. Juices of fresh fruits like grapes, oranges, apples, pineapples, pears and melons can be administered during the liquid fasting period.
  • Eat several small meals and avoid stomach overloading
  • Drink lots of warm water through out the day.
  • Dairy products like cottage cheese and yoghurt should be included in diet.
  • Do not mix many varieties of food in a single meal.
  • Take meals at least two hours before going to bed
  • Intake food rich in Vitamin B12 and iron.


Foods to be avoided

Avoid No alcohol for Gastritis

  • Meat and meat products
  • Alcohol and tobacco products
  • Coffee, tea and aerated drinks
  • Spicy, fried or junk foods
  • Cakes and pastries,
  • Pickles and sour foods
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs (under guidance of doctors)


Other recommendations

Certain lifestyle changes are beneficial in treatment of gastritis.

  • Apply dry friction on stomach
  • Apply sponge on the abdomen.
  • Applying hot compress twice a day on empty stomach
  • Avoid stressful physical activity.
  • Do light exercises like brisk walking, jogging, swimming or playing golf.
  • Stress and worries should be avoided as much as possible.

Treatment of gastritis

Antacids provide temporary relief from gastritis. A holistic treatment of gastritis can only be done if the underlying cause is properly diagnosed and eradicated.

Chronic gastritis is treated with antibiotics and drugs that reduce acidic infection in stomach. Anti bacterial medicines are prescribed in case gastritis is caused by bacterial infection.

Gastritis: Possible Complications

At later stages, chronic gastritis may also lead to stomach flu, stomach ulcers, minor hemorrhage and/or anemia

When to consult a doctor?
It’s better to consult a doctor:

  • For chronic gastritis
  • If there is dark blood in stool
  • If  blood is vomited
  • If there are other allied complications like diabetes or liver disorder
  • If there is difficulty in breathing.
  • If dizziness occurs