Natural Treatment for Anaemia

More than half of our body arteries and veins contain red blood cells  which supplies oxygen to the tissues. Approximately,  100 million  new blood cells are formed in  the bone marrow daily.

Materials   needed to produce the blood cells are iron, vitamins, proteins , especially vitamin B12 and folic acid. Proteins and iron are important to help   build haemoglobin in the blood.

A normal healthy person should  have  about 15 gm of haemoglobin per 100ml of blood, and a blood count of  approximately 15 million red cells per millimetre of blood.


Natural Home Based Treatment for Anaemia


1.     Beet root

Beet root is an excellent source of iron, potassium  , calcium, phosphorous ,sulphur ,protein, fat and vitamins like B1,B2,B6 and vitamin P. Being a rich source of iron , beets help in formation of red blood cells .Juice of beet root strengthens the body’s resistance power especially for children and teenagers.


2.     Spinach

Green leafy vegetable is a very good source of iron. Once the iron is absorbed ,it helps in formation of haemoglobin  and red blood cells. It also helps in preventing diseases like anaemia.


3.     Fenugreek

Fenugreek leaves help in blood formation. Fenugreek leaves and seeds are both rich in iron , so they are very valuable in treating anaemia. Cooked fenugreek leaves can be eaten by adolescent girls to prevent anaemia ,  at the onset of puberty and menstruation.


4.     Lettuce

Lettuce also contains large amount iron. So lettuce can be taken in the form or salads which help the body to easily absorb its iron content.


5.     Almonds

Almonds contain iron, copper  and vitamins  which helps them act as a catalyst in the synthesis of haemoglobin. Soak about seven to nine almonds  in water for about two hours and grind it , after its skin is removed. Take this paste once daily in the morning for about three months.


6.     Soya bean

Soya beans are rich in protein and iron content. Soya beans can be given in milk form which helps the patients of anaemia , to digest it easily .


7.     Sesame seeds

Black sesame seeds  are also useful for treating anaemia , as it is a good source of iron. Soak about one teaspoon of the seeds in warm water for two hours or so. Strain and grind them to a paste. Mix this with a cup of milk and sweeten it with  jaggery  or sugar. The patient should be given this at least once  a day.


8.     Honey

Honey contains iron, copper, manganese in it. So,  this helps them in formation of haemoglobin in the blood.

9.     Celery

Celery  is rich in magnesium and iron . This helps in building the blood cells. Celery juice mixed with equal amount of carrot juice can be given to the patient   for treating anaemia.


10. Gokulkanta

This herb helps in purifying the blood  .  A  decoction made of   the root is very useful in curing anaemia. Take about 60 gm of the root and boil it in half a litre of water  for about 20 to 30 minutes in a closed vessel. The patient can be given about 30 to 60  ml of this twice or thrice every day.