Home Remedy for Backache

Backache is a common problem. Home remedy for backache begins with simple changes in lifestyle – like a conscious attempt at changing ones sitting posture during day to day errands and indulging in light exercises for treating backache.


The following are common home remedies for Backache: 

1.     Wheat

Take 30  gm of wheat and soak it in water.  Leave this overnight.  In the morning add 30 gm of khus khus grass in it. Mix and grind them to a fine paste.  Also add 30 gm of coriander to it.  Put all these ingredients  in 250ml of milk and boil them  till they are reduced to one third.  This works as an analgesic and provides   relief  from backache and also strengthens  the  digestive system of the body.


2.     Lemon

Take fresh lemon  juice  and mix some common salt it. This mixture should be given  twice a day for better results.


3.     Garlic

Take about 2-3 garlic pods  every morning since it provides relief  from back ache.  Garlic oil also can be massaged to the  back for relief from pain. To make garlic oil at home, take  ten cloves of garlic and put it in 60 ml of oil.  Put this in a frying pan and heat it. They should be fried till they turn brown.  Any oil like mustard oil, sesame oil or coconut oil can be taken for this purpose. After the oil is cooled , apply this vigorously on the back and let it remain there for three hours. The patient can , then take a warm water  bath. Continue this for about fifteen days.


4.     Vitamin C

About 2000 mg of  this vitamin should be taken daily to get relief from backache.


5.     Massaging

Massage the affected area  with herbal oils  using knuckles  and slowly increasing the pressure.  This helps relieve the tension in the  muscles  and relaxes it.


6.     Basil

Take a cup of  water and boil  about 10 basil leaves in it.  Boil this decoction till it is reduced to half the quantity. After it cools down add a little salt to this decoction. Drink this mixture daily . If the back ache is severe drink it twice a day.


7.     Honey

Add one tablespoon of honey  to a glass of warm  water.  Drink  this mixture  daily  as this helps in soothing the backache.


8.     Raw potato

Applying raw potato in poultice form is very effective in relieving severe pain in the lower back region.


9.     Heat

Boil some water and put in a bottle.  The bottle can be  put over the affected area to provide temporary relief from the pain.


10. Chebulic myroblan

Chebulic myroblan is a very healthy fruit. Taking one small piece  of the fruit every day after meals  provides quick relief from back ache.



The diet of person suffering from backache should consist of a salad of raw vegetables like tomato, carrot, cabbage , radish, cucumber , lettuce  and at least two steamed or lightly cooked vegetables such as cauliflower, carrot, spinach and cabbage. The diet should also include lots of fruits except bananas. Fruits and milk for breakfast, steamed vegetables and whole wheat chappatis for lunch , fresh fruit or fresh fruit juice in the evening and a bowl of raw salad and sprouts for dinner is an ideal diet routine for such patients.

The patient should avoid spicy, fried, fatty  foods.  Curd , sugar and sweetmeats , condiments, coffee, tea also should be avoided. Processed foods have very little nutrients and should also be avoided.

Exercising regularly for at least 30minutes a day will help in keeping the body fit and fine.  If the patient is obese , he/she must make sure to shed  extra kilos.  Avoid direct  bending for picking up anything  from the ground instead bend the knees  and then pick up  the object  to save the spine  from undue pressure.

Sedentary lifestyle should be avoided .  If the job requires to sit for long periods of time, stretch the whole body in every 45 to 60 minutes. Don’t sit in one posture for a long time and avoid cushioned seats.

Certain yoga asana are very useful for backaches, they are, bhujangaasana, shalbh asana, hala asana, shavasna and uttanpadasana.