18 Best Home Remedy for Dyspepsia

Collection of 18 Best & Time tested natural home remedy for treatment of dyspepsia

1.    Pomegranate

Mix one tablespoon of honey in one tablespoon of pomegranate juice. It is effective for indigestion  with   giddiness. Drink this twice a day. Seeds of pomegranate can be mixed with little rock salt and black pepper powder.  This acts as a tonic for stomach problems.

2.    Aniseed

Aniseed relieves of flatulence. It removes the catarrhal matter and phlegm from the bronchial tube. The seeds increases the volume and discharge of urine. The infusion made of it prevents gas and fermentation of stomach.

An infusion made of aniseed is very useful for indigestion. Mix a teaspoon of aniseed in one cup of boiling water. Cover and leave it overnight. Decant the liquid and drink with honey.

3.    Lemon

Lemon juice attacks the bacteria in the stomach. It prevents  the formation of acids .lemon removes the harmful substances from the stomach. It promotes healthy appetite  and strengthens it. Dilute juice of one lemon with water .   Drink this ,  twice daily before each meal.

4.    Carrot

Chewing carrots increases saliva and quickens digestion. It supplies the body with necessary enzymes, minerals and vitamins. Take half a glass of carrot juice, mix water of equal quantity.  Take this once daily.

5.    Grapes

Grapes improves digestion and is a light food. It removes  the irritation of the stomach. Take about 250gm of grapes daily.

6.    Buttermilk

Buttermilk is very effective for curing dyspepsia. Buttermilk calms down the intestine and the digestive system.  Add a black pepper powder to one glass of buttermilk. Drink as frequently as possible. Cumin seeds powder can also be added  to it.

7.    Fenugreek

Fenugreek relieves of flatulence. They have an aphrodisiac effect. They are soothing agents and cleanse the whole body.

Take about 50gms of fenugreek leaves  and boil them.   Fry the leaves in butter, this helps in allaying biliousness.

8.    Pineapple

Pineapple provides relief from digestive disorders. Take half a glass of pineapple juice after one meal.

9.    Mint

Mint juice is  a  good  appetiser . One teaspoon of mint juice , mix equal amount of honey to it. Add equal amount of lemon juice also to it. This drink cures indigestion and gas in the stomach.

10. Bitter chamomile

The   flowers  of  bitter chamomile has medicinal values. They dissolve any coagulated fluid in the body. They also provide relief from flatulence. A cold infusion made of flowers in doses  of 30 to 60gm can be taken for indigestion. The powder of the flowers can be taken in doses of 1 or 2 gm.

11. Calamus

Calamus increases the appetite and gives relief from heavy stomach.  This also relieves of flatulence. Mix the burnt root with a bland oil like refined coconut oil. Apply this over the abdomen for treatment.

12.  Cardamom

Cardamom reduces the water and air elements. It increases the appetite and calms the mucous membrane. Powder cardamom seeds along with a little ginger, cloves and coriander. This is very useful for indigestion. A tea made of cardamom relieves the person of headache due to indigestion.

13.  Celery

Celery seeds,  increases  the secretion and discharge of urine. They  relieve flatulence and act as aphrodisiac. Soak one teaspoon of the seeds in a glass of buttermilk. Let it stay for five to six hours. Grind it in the same buttermilk mixture. Take this regularly to relieve of indigestion.

14. Chebulic myroblan

This herb helps in strengthening the stomach and promotes its action. It corrects the process of nutrition. This helps restore  the normal functioning of the system. This can be taken after meals , as it neutralises the acidity of the stomach and heartburn. The juice of this herb can be mixed with gooseberry juice  and taken for better results.

15. Clove

Clove contains eugenol .  Clove promotes enzymatic flow and metabolism. They relieve of flatulence. They boost digestive functioning .  Mix the powder of cloves in honey and take it to control vomiting. The anaesthetic property in clove numbs the gullet and stomach. This stops the vomiting.

16.  Ginger

Ginger has aphrodisiac properties. Ginger helps in excess secretion of saliva .chewing a piece of ginger after meals prevents flatulence, dyspepsia. Take half a teaspoon of fresh ginger-juice. Mix with one teaspoon of lime and mint juices each. Add one tablespoon of honey. Drink this  thrice daily for better results.

17.  Tamarind

Tamarind fruit pulp is digestive, anti flatulent , cooling and antiseptic. An infusion made of the pulp by softening it  in water, is useful for loss of appetite. Add black pepper, cloves cardamoms and camphor to this infusion after straining.

18. Devil’s tree

The bark of devil’s tree contains alkaloids. This restores the normal function of the digestive system. Take about 3.25grams of the powdered bark at night to relieve of dyspepsia.


The patient should take an all-fruit diet initially for five days. Gradually, the patient can take up a well balanced diet of raw and steamed vegetables, nuts, whole grains, fresh fruits thereafter.

Meals should be taken at regular intervals. One should not include eating and drinking together. Don’t hurry while eating a meal. Eat only when hungry. Never eat food when worried, tired excited or in a bad temper. Avoid spices which aggravate the indigestion. Avoid smoking ,alcohol and caffeine. Avoid fatty or fried foods. Avoid potatoes , rice ,meats or foods which are heavy and rich. Avoid foods which cause stomach disorders in daily life. Manage stress in life. Walk or exercise daily helps in relieving of tensions and keeping the body  fit  too.