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Stammering is a fairly common problem. As per an estimate; approximately 1.5% of the world population is affected by this speech disorder.

What is Stammering ?

Stammering is an involuntary interruption or inability to push a syllable or letter while speaking. This difficulty is usually encountered when speaking words beginning with or sounds produced by letters b, d, g, k, p and t. Stammering may also be accompanied by allied symptoms like a red face, tremor of the jaw and blinking of eyes when speaking.

Who are affected ?

Stammering generally occurs in childhood, between three and seven years and is perfectly acceptable. Stammering becomes a cause of concern, when it extends beyond 10 years of age. Statistically, 1 out of every 4 children who stammer, retain it up to adulthood.

It can affect members of either sex, but is more common in men than women.

Implications of stammering

Stammering is benign condition with no physical implications. Stammering in childhood (2-5 years) is normal as children develop their speech abilities in this age. This should normally disappear with age.

However, if stammering lasts longer or is left untreated, it has vital social, emotional and psychological implications.

Stammering may result in a significant loss of motivation to speak and induce a person to be silent in friend circle, school or at workplace, for fear of ridicule.

What causes stammering ? Physiological factors are primarily responsible for stammering in children. Children stammer due to one of the following causes:

1) Inability to control muscles of the organs of speech

2) Obstruction in the organs of speech.

3) Neuromuscular problems

4) Difficulty in the movement of the tongue and lips

However, stammering in advanced age is also attributed to psychological factors like: loss of confidence in ones ability to speak without stammering. Other psychological factors that can ‘trigger’ stammering include scorn, anxiety, arousal and tense family atmosphere.

Exercises for stammering

Exercises are effective in treatment of physiological causes of stammering. In general, exercises are meant to provide strength to the organs associated with speech including tongue, lips, jaw, trachea and lungs.

Many people who stammer have found these exercises to be beneficial in reducing the intensity and in some cases, completely curing stammering problem.

The exercises should preferably be done every night in a secluded area, before going to bed. An exercise regimen comprising of the following exercises are beneficial in treatment and cure of stammering.

Stammering Exercise #1 Loudly and clearly pronounce the vowels A, E, I, O and U. Be overly articulate and distort your face strongly, every time you utter the vowels.


Stammering Exercise #2: Open your jaws as wide as you can without exerting hard. While the jaws are still open, lift your tongue upwards to touch the roof of mouth with the tip of your tongue. While still in contact with the roof of your mouth, drag the tip of your tongue towards the back of your mouth. When your tongues get stretched to the maximum (without hurting), hold there for few seconds. Next pull out your tongue outside the mouth and stretch it downwards as if attempting to touch the chin. Hold in that position for few seconds. Repeat 4-5 times.

Stammering Exercise #3: Deep breathing exercise are very effective in curing speech disorders like stammering as they help to strengthen the respiratory organs and to relax neuromuscular tension that builds up in the body.

Stammering can be controlled by learning to voluntarily control the rhythm of words by implementation of specific breathing patterns. There can be many variants of deep breathing exercises and one can choose any or all exercises which he/she is comfortable doing. Some of the variants are:

a) Inhale deeply through mouth and exhale slowly, immediately after inhalation.

b) Inhale deeply through mouth and push your tongue outside the mouth while exhaling.
c) Inhale deeply through mouth, at the same time, press your chest muscles inward. Exhale slowly

You can have your own variations of these deep breathing exercises, as long as they provide some respiratory motion, swelling of the abdomen and workout for chest and other speech organs. Do not overdo any exercise and bring variations, every one or two minutes.

Stammering Exercise #4: Reading exercises are helpful in identification of patterns of repetition of syllables that cause stammering and thus reduce bottlenecks of fast reading. For this exercise, take a text and read it fast without laying emphasis on the quality of speech. Speedy reading will help a subconscious identification of each word. Prefer the speed to the quality of speech. Let the words be wrongly spoken and do not stop on any particular word or syllable. This exercise, if continued for 2-3 months is very effective in relaxing muscular tension and correcting all obstructions of the speech.

Stammering Exercise #5 Singing is a very effective exercise for stammering. Singing helps the sufferer learn to better control breath and the phonatory muscles. Another very effective treatment for stammering involves participation in theatrical activities. Theatre helps shed down several inhibitions and is very effective remedy for stammering.

Lifestyle Changes to Treat Stammering

Fighting inferiority complex: Developing confidence in ones own ability to speak correctly is probably the only real solution to cure stammering. However building self-confidence when one makes nervous mistakes in every sentence is not easy. Inferiority complex is natural in people who stammer. Dealing with this complex is the most paramount task in overcoming stammering. Talking openly when the person approaches with the subject is vital in handling this complex. Maintaining a relaxed environment at home gives the child an opportunity to speak without stress.

Watch out your breath: As a general thumb rule, one should breathe from the belly and not from the chest. Breathing from the belly naturally calms down and relaxes nervous and muscular tension and is a helpful habit in curing stammering and related disorders.

Family support: Family support is of vital importance in treatment of stammering. Family members should use all possible means to deliver the person of his state of anxiety which is the only cause of stammering in a large number of cases. Family members must:

  • Not punish or react harshly on a person who is stammering
  • Listen carefully, when such a person speaks
  • Adapt to speak slowly and not interrupt when a person stammers
  • Be patient and wait for the person to complete words
  • Not complete sentences or words when such a person is trying to speak.

Consulting a speech therapist: Speech therapy has been used to cure or reduce the intensity of stammering. Speech therapist try to diagnose the causes of stammering and accordingly prescribe exercises, medications and/or scalpel intervention in certain cases.

In case of physiological defects, speech therapy is compulsory to treat stammering. While speech therapist mainly concentrate on speech corrections, they may also adopt psychotherapies like hypnosis, impoco, role plays or cognitive behavioral therapy, if diagnosis suggests a psychological cause for stammering. Many therapist also use acupuncture, yoga spa treatment and other relaxation techniques to assist in treatment of stammering.

Many cities have specialized speech therapy centers which offer intensive cures and therapies for stammering.


Hearing aid: There are also some hearing aids that help to reduce or eliminate stammering. The electronic device records the user’s voice using a microphone and sends it back to his ears after a delay of about split seconds or at a slightly different frequency.
Simultaneous speaking and the ability to listen to how it is heard by others is very effective in helping one who stammers correct his errors.

Though familiarization with the device may take up to a few months, they often succeed in breaking the psychological barrier that prevents normal speech. Once the barrier is broken and the practitioner gains confidence, he/she can start speaking normally without using the device.

Food for those who stammer

While there are no particular foods that can be used to cure stammering, some food are known to be beneficial for speech organs. For instance, chewing Indian gooseberry, Almonds, Black pepper, Cinnamon and dried dates are known to clear speech congestions. Thus they can be taken internally in moderate quantities to address symptoms of stammering.

Other recommendations for Treating Stammering

Stammering is known to be aggravated by fatigue, anxiety or nervousness. A positive environment at home and at workplace is of paramount importance in helping a
person who stammers cure his disorder. Above all, stammering can not be cured overnight. It takes time and patience but the rewards at the end of it all are really worth the time.

Stammering Trivia

What’s common amongst Aristotle, Churchill, Darwin, Moses and Rousseau ?Ans: They all stammered!

Stammering: Free Downloads

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