Types of Boils

A boil  is a localized  deep skin infection. It is a  bacterial  infection  with pus that  develops around the hair follicle. Boils are contagious and it can become serious if it spreads. Boil starts or appears suddenly  and are usually very painful. The surrounding skin may  become swollen and red within 24 hours.

Boils normally clears in about two weeks time.

There are many types of boils but they are broadly classified under  four  major types. They are:

a)      Furuncle or carbuncle:

This is caused by Staphylococcus aureus   bacteria.

They may be accompanied by fever  or chill . The boil may have  one or more openings. Carbuncle  is a cluster of boils.  These boils cause a deeper and more severe infection than a single boil. Older men are generally affected by this type of boils.

b)      Cystic acne :

They occur when oil ducts are clogged and infected. This affects deeper tissues and usually appears on the face.


c)       Pilondial  cyst:

It usually occurs on the crease of the buttocks. It appears as small or tiny infection  at the hair follicle.  After some time it gets inflamed and  causes discomfort on sitting. Normally it occurs after a long journey.


d)Hidradenitis  suppratavia:

This type of boil usually occurs in the arm pit and groin area.  They appear in group . it is due to  the inflammation  of the local sweat gland.  They can be generally treated by surgery only  and not through antibiotics.